I am a baby-wearing, boy-feeding, day-dreaming, mum-bun wearing, sneaky chocolate-eating, silly-dancing, loud-singing, story-reading, Christian Wife and Mumma.

As a Mumma, some days are hard. My boys are young. They are rough. They are loud. They are hangry. They fight. They don't listen.
Some days are beautiful. They are sweet. They share. They are kind. They are snuggly.

As a Wife, some days are hard. I am selfish. I am tired. I don't listen.
Some days are beautiful. We put each other first. We listen. (We've had enough sleep.) We enjoy special moments. We celebrate. We date. We love each other.
I never thought I'd be one of those blogging-Mummas. What have I got to say that's worthwhile listening to? But, then, as life's challenges arose, I have amassed some knowledge, some experience, an amazing support network, and some awesome googling skills. Then someone suggested that maybe I did have a few things to say that are worthwhile...